Stonewall Ranch looks so amazing after all the rain we’ve been having recently. Everything is bright green and fresh. No more dull browns and dusty shades of green. Our roses have all been pruned and they are already starting to send out new leaves for a late March first bloom. This should be a spectacular show in the gardens.

The orchards are producing huge amounts of citrus and avocados so it should be a great year for our organic sales. We’re picking over a hundred boxes of fruit each week trying to keep up with the demand. It’s all sold locally to Vintage Market, Pacific Coast Greens, Malibu Cafe and Juice Ranch in Westlake. One of our best customers makes Kor Shots with our lemon juice for Whole Foods. They’re super healthy and taste great. I see organic lemonade in my future! 

A small creek has appeared in a low canyon on the ranch since the rains started. Walking past and hearing the sound of running water is a rare treat after the past five years of drought. 

All the horses are more than ready to get out of their stalls without their winter blankets and have some fun outside time rolling in the mud and nibbling any grass they can reach.

Our resident coyotes, deer and bobcat families are out and about as well enjoying the wonderful weather changes. Hopefully our little grey fox still lives in the prickly pear cactus at the top of Rattlesnake Road. 

The wild lilac is beginning to bloom on all the hillsides and the mass of tiny white flowers look like a sprinkling of snow everywhere. It looks so pretty that you could pick giant bouquets for the house except it’s home to massive amounts of ticks. Enjoy from a distance but better not to touch.

We’re digging up the Mexican sage around the property and splitting the clumps to increase the number of plants, another spring chore. We’ll need them to continue landscaping above the stone walls. The beautiful vibrant purple color of the blooms looks amazing against the natural grays and ochres of the dry stacked walls. It’s a wonderful low maintenance, low water Mediterranean plant that seems to thrive on neglect and just keep on blooming. 

We also have been working on tree pruning, a never ending project with all the sycamores, oaks, pines, peppers and olives that grow on the property. We recycle all the prunings with a chipper and use the chips to cover the horse trails that criss cross the ranch. The horses appreciate the soft footing particularly during the hot summer months when the ground is so hard and rocky.

It’s time to leave the computer and take a walk on the ranch and enjoy all that fabulous green beauty!